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Welcome to Wanderlust Books, the newest venture from Wanderlust Group! We are a publishing company founded by Kimberly Rhoden with the mission to raise funds through book sales to support the ongoing development of Wanderlust Wellness Retreat, while also showcasing and spotlighting talented Jamaican authors.

Our books cover a wide range of categories, including fiction, non-fiction, and children's books. Whether you're looking for an entertaining novel, a thought-provoking self-help book, or a beautiful children's story, we have something for you.

Our books are inspired by the Wanderlust Wellness Retreat's commitment to holistic wellness, personal growth, and cultural enrichment. We offer a diverse range of titles that cover topics such as mindfulness, self-care, spirituality, natural healing, Jamaican culture, and much more. Our authors are carefully selected for their unique perspectives and captivating writing styles, making Wanderlust Books a platform for emerging and established voices in the publishing industry.

By purchasing a book from Wanderlust Books, you not only support the development of Wanderlust Wellness Retreat but also contribute to the growth and recognition of Jamaican authors. Our books are available in print and digital formats, making them accessible to readers worldwide.

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A Jamaican Children's Alphabet Book: Learn Yuh ABC's 

We're excited to announce that pre-orders for "A Jamaican Children's Alphabet Book: Learn Yuh ABC's" by Kimberly Rhoden will be available soon! You'll be able to find pre-orders and all things "Wanderlust Books" here.

This delightful children's book takes young readers on a journey through the alphabet with illustrations and fun rhymes that highlight Jamaican culture and heritage. With vivid imagery and playful language, "Learn Yuh ABC's" is a perfect way to introduce children to the letters of the alphabet and Jamaican traditions.

Written by Jamaican author Kimberly Rhoden, this book is the first in a series of children's books that will be published by Wanderlust Books. We are proud to showcase Kimberly's talent and to support Jamaican authors by bringing their stories to a wider audience.

In addition, we're pleased to offer a special incentive for those who purchase our signature bundle. Not only will you receive a beautiful, engaging book, but you'll also receive a mint-able digital NFT that gives you 20% off purchases and reservations at Wanderlust Wellness Retreat for life. This is our way of thanking you for your support in our mission to promote wellness, creativity, and culture.

Stay tuned for more information on pre-orders and our exciting new publishing company. We can't wait to share this first publication from Wanderlust Books with you and we appreciate all your support!